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Topic subjectI think a C would be a very generous grade
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2697686, I think a C would be a very generous grade
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Jun-01-19 10:05 PM
One of the things I love about the futbol press is that they will tell you when a game isn't that great or flat out sucks. There is no Joe Theissmann type dickhole out there telling you that the 13-3 turnover fest between two 5-11 teams that the network would never have scheduled if there were any flexibility whatsoever is a barn-burner.

The first half was pretty much trash, at least Liverpool moved the ball with some purpose when they had it. Tottenham in the final third was ridiculously bad and they barely picked it up once they opened up their game a little. Kane, Eriksen, those guys were basically invisible. Liverpool didn't exactly hit back hard but they took a more defensive posture, I guess, and the last strike was nice.

I was expecting a disappointing match with all the hot ones behind us but this fell below my expectations anyway. I was pretty bored. Happy for some of the guys on the Liverpool side though and happy to see Kane flop on the big stage.