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Topic subjectWas there no Luka Samanic entry here?
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2700039, Was there no Luka Samanic entry here?
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri Jun-21-19 01:49 PM
Kinda surprised because as Euros go, he's a guy who's been out there for a while. He rose up the board but not to the point of going undrafted to being taken in the first. I saw him a little when he was playing in Spain.

I will take some of his stock. He moves REALLY well for his size. He has the tools to really kill it on offense as a guy who you just have to play straight up. He can put it on the floor, drive either direction, score in traffic, get to the line and shoot the ball. A lot of the knocks against him kind of sound like generic Euro criticisms but I guess some are valid. He did seem to kind of fall back at times and he didn't seem real engaged on defense. I think it's a pretty nice pick for the Spurs though.