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Topic subjectNo clue, but I'd be scared.
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2699852, No clue, but I'd be scared.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-20-19 09:20 AM
He wasn't really seen as a guaranteed OAD, made a big deal about entering the G-League... then decided to pass on that, and I suspect it's because he wasn't good enough to actually play good minutes there.

He's got elite potential, obviously, so a second-round flier is a stone-cold lock, but it's gonna be hard to give guys like him guaranteed deals with so insanely little game tape against real competition. He was a developmental project before all of this-- now, without tape, there are even more questions. Looked good enough at the combine, but the shot is still a question mark, still not sure about his defense, etc.

Best case scenario, you've stolen a lotto pick in the second round. Worst case, hey, at least he got that million.