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Topic subjectI like what I've read. Real big man potential here.
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2699849, I like what I've read. Real big man potential here.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-20-19 09:11 AM
Usually when I see Euro big men, my red flags are things like "shies away from contact," "inconsistent effort," "bad defense." We don't get any of those with Goga. He's a big body, good passer/handler for his size, good rebounding, some catch-and-shoot/pick-and-pop potential. Elite PnR timing, elite shot blocking timing. Just seems to get the game and seems to have improved consistently.

He's not a very fast mover/great jumper, so that could keep him out of the lotto... but I imagine pairing this guy with someone like Trae Young, some elite PnR passer, and I think this big body guy would thrive in a system like that. Don't ask him to defend the perimeter and switch everything, ask him to drop back, guard the rim, and crush on PnR on offense.

CAVEAT: I have seen insanely little of this guy, this is just based on things I've read. But I like that my red flags aren't there.