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Topic subjectProbably too slow to be effective, but I like his style.
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2698506, Probably too slow to be effective, but I like his style.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 06:30 PM
Look, he's really slow and he can't jump, which is a deadly combo in today's NBA. So in all practicality, you can't take him first round.

BUT he has a lot of first round skills. He's terrific around the rim. He's an active rebounder (the benefit to a lack of athleticism-- he has to rely on skill instead!). He's a huge body, which means even if he's too slow to guard the perimeter, he can at least try to get in people's way. He's got terrific handles for a guy his size. Most importantly, he's a good jump shooter with NBA range. (I use the term "jump" loosely. But you get the idea.)

So... I don't know a good comparison. Maybe a combination of what Johnny O'Bryant was supposed to be and the actual Johnny O'Bryant? That could just be a lazy LSU comparison, but I don't think it's awful. Worst case scenario, he's not athletic enough to stick. Best case scenario, you get a decent off-the-bench stretch big with range and handles. Definitely worth a shot in the high second.