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Topic subjectCoke Zero Enes Kanter. Second round flier guy.
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2698497, Coke Zero Enes Kanter. Second round flier guy.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 04:49 PM
Good thick body and good touch inside... though you wonder in today's NBA if these things are as big of assets as they would've been a decade ago. Strong rebounder. Good FT shooter for a big. All of these things are good...

... but he's just in no way a switchable big or a shooter big. He's old school. On top of that, he's bad on defense. Potential is there, but he was bad defensively in college. Remember how NBA teams just took Jahlil Okafor and put him in PnR CONSTANTLY? Yeah, they'd do that with Fernando.

If he ends up in the right situation, or if he develops his jump shot, he could stick. Good potential to hang around, also good potential to do 3 PPG 5 RPG for like four years and then bottom out, like so many other bigs with potential do.