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Topic subjectOne of the higher-IQ defenders/hustle guys in the draft.
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2698495, One of the higher-IQ defenders/hustle guys in the draft.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 04:39 PM
Definitely screams small-ball 4 style game. Doesn't have enough skill to be Draymond, but he is a sneakily terrific passer, which is definitely an underrated skill for a 4 to have in today's NBA. Very smart defender. When he has time to set up off the catch-and-shoot, he can also knock down 3s consistently.

I'm concerned about his health post-ACL tear, especially because he's not as athletic as most of these hustle prospects tend to be. Not a great ballhandler, not an off-the-bounce scorer at all. So he's definitely limited in ceiling. Still, high-motor and high-IQ guys like this tend to stick for a while based on intangibles, boards, and D. Pending health, he's a really good value late first. I could see his ceiling being a starter for a good team.