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Topic subjectCeiling: Diet Coke/Coke Zero Devin Booker. Starter.
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2698493, Ceiling: Diet Coke/Coke Zero Devin Booker. Starter.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 04:34 PM
I expect his shooting %s to be even better than they were last year, tbh. He's elite shooting 3s off the dribble, and he's quite good catch-and-shoot. Also a smart passer, a high motor defender-- he's not especially quick or athletic, but he's fairly crafty and plays a smart game.

Definitely may get burned defensively against NBA wings-- you have to be quick or strong or have next-level defensive instincts, and I'm not convinced he's got any of those things, though he could get stronger with age tbh.

Shouldn't get to Devin Booker's level, but shit, Booker scores like 25 PPG. If Herro is the 15-16 PPG equivalent, he's still gonna be a MASSIVE deal in the mid-first. And at absolute worst, he can play as a knock down shooter off the bench-- which is still honestly a fairly good mid-first deal. I'm pretty high on him.