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Topic subjectSome concerns, but he's got obvious NBA skills.
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2698484, Some concerns, but he's got obvious NBA skills.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 03:22 PM
He's 6'10 and can shoot 3s. He can defend multiple positions. He's one of the better shot blockers in the draft. He's got terrific handles for his height. I was concerned about his speed/agility, but he honestly did a little better than I expected at the combine, so he's probably okay there too. He's your prototypical stretch 4/small ball 5.

I'm majorly concerned about his playmaking, as he *never* passes the ball right now. This can improve... but he's an older player, and it's unclear how much upside exists in that regard. If he can't pass at all, he'll never be more than an off-the-bench stretch big. That also may be for the best on the other side, tbh-- he's very foul-prone due to aggressive defense, so just let him come in, work hard, and gun for ~20 mpg.