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Topic subjectOff-the-bench undersized shooter. A better, stronger Quinn Cook.
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2698481, Off-the-bench undersized shooter. A better, stronger Quinn Cook.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 03:11 PM
People may be mad at that comparison because Edwards was so much better than Cook in college (except at winning titles), but that's the role Edwards'll need to play in the NBA. Cook has provided obvious value for GSW because he makes 3s, tries hard on defense, and makes the odd pass for others. Teams will ask Edwards to do the same, not more.

Edwards isn't a very good creator-- no one should draft him looking for him to play the point imo-- but he could be near-elite at creating shots for himself. He's not as athletic as one would think, but he's quick and he's strong, and when he's hot, he's really hard to cool. He needs to do better at finishing inside, as he's not nearly the threat there today as he is from the outside.

He could easily settle around that 8-12 PPG range, good bench relief scorer standard, but if he can improve at the rim and drain high %s from 3s, he could also become a Diet Coke Lou Williams, a 6MOY contender type of dude. Either way, I like him end of the first.