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Topic subjectDiet Coke Draymond Green. Going to be a steal imo.
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2698479, Diet Coke Draymond Green. Going to be a steal imo.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 03:01 PM
He lacks Dray's athleticism and handles, but I *love* a high IQ player who can see the floor the way Williams does on both ends. He's never going to be the guy who blows up as a scorer, but he's the guy who helps you win games.

-- terrific rebounder
-- great strength
-- excellent defender, both in IQ and in body; I don't buy the concerns that he's too slow to be switchable, because frankly I don't think he needs to be-- he also did better on agility stuff at the combine than a number of guys scouts are cysing as guys with defensive potential
-- shot is improving consistently, and he can score in a number of ways
-- excellent motor, and he's the first motherfucker on the floor for a loose ball. ELITE level intangibles.

I keep seeing him projected late first, maybe even second. I'd take him mid-first. He'd shine on a team like Boston or Atlanta-- or even in Detroit, where they could use insurance for Blake's inevitable missed games.