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Topic subjectCrazy young, crazy potential, but easy to see a bust here.
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2698478, Crazy young, crazy potential, but easy to see a bust here.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-10-19 02:54 PM
He's got huge arms, he's a great rebounder at the wing, and he's a highlight-reel shot creator on occasion. I also think-- I could be wrong-- he's the youngest player in the draft.

... but I think the hype is overblown. He's a bad shooter, period. He makes really questionable decisions with regularity. He's a shockingly mediocre defender for his size-- normally people associate wingspan with good defense, but effort matters. He's also a very average-to-blah athlete, which, again, you don't normally associate with the freak body.

If he became a better shooter or started exhibiting better motor, then he could give you lotto-level returns... but I really question at this point in his career if he can become a starter. You've got to put this kid on a good developmental team. He'll likely spend 2+ years in the G-League, I'd think.