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Topic subjectI'll take some of his stock. Intriguing. I love late bloomers. Top 10-12
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2698152, I'll take some of his stock. Intriguing. I love late bloomers. Top 10-12
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Jun-06-19 08:41 PM
My attraction to late bloomers has sometimes worked out (webber, giannis, embiid, et al) and sometimes not (romain sato, jason thompson, etc).

I see mocks putting this guy at the end of the lotto. I would look at him higher than that and wouldn't be surprised if he climbs up a board that has some guys with question marks in most top 10s. To me he has a very high ceiling and not a terribly low floor.

He can really run the floor and he can block shots. His other big man abilities are lacking, not much of a post player, just OK catching the ball in the paint with traffic, etc. Not surprising given that he's sprouted up damn near a foot since he started playing varsity basketball in HS. But he can get up for lobs, he'll develop into a solid offensive rebound/putback guy and he might be able to do more on offense.

A team will need patience to develop him but at least you can understand the deficiencies he has. His combination of height/length/athletic ability is appealing. Will he be a guy with no position and clear strength or will he be a guy who can effectively defend play/defend three positions? It could go either way but again there aren't many sure bets here, especially guys who have upside on top of an already established game.