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Topic subjectI would take a flyer on him but you've got to be patient
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2698148, I would take a flyer on him but you've got to be patient
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Jun-06-19 08:21 PM
I like his two-way potential and you can't undersell energy. There are guys who go beyond their numbers with their contribution because they amp up the energy, create pace, make the another team a little edgier, etc. He's one of those guys. Now we've seen Carolina put those kind of wing players out there and they did nothing but I feel like he's got more going on than those guys did. Defensively I think he can contribute before the end of his rookie deal. Offensively, well, he is a decent foul shooter so that's not a liability (plus he can play to contact and get to the line) and maybe it suggests he can improve his other shooting numbers/consistency.

I'd definitely take him in the mid-teens though it seems like he might end up in the top 10. Again I dunno how many guys are bankable beyond the top five or so. But he isn't one of these guys who will be a dominant three, seven-foot wonder or franchise PG, so he might lose some all-things-equal battles based on position. Overall I think I am a little higher on him than some other people here are though.