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Topic subjectIs he Giannis lite or a dinky copy?
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2698147, Is he Giannis lite or a dinky copy?
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Jun-06-19 08:13 PM
We'll see how much stronger he can get, he won't bully people like Giannis but he can punish smaller guards and wings off switches already and I think he can reach the level where he can demand a bigger defender (at which point he can maybe create a mismatch with his dribble penetration and slashing instead).

Defense I think he will pan out quite nicely. I think your #2 and #3 are related. Some of his defensive issues are technique, many are just staying engaged. He has the tools to become a great defender and the competition and stakes should motivate him in the pros. Again he isn't a guy who has lived and breathed basketball his whole life and that's got to be taken into consideration here.

I also like him in the back half of the top 10, maybe even the middle. I'd put him clearly behind the top 3 guys but that's about it, maybe Culver also. Obviously if you had the intel that you could trade back from 5 and still get him, you'd take the asset, if not that's where I'd start looking at him as a possibility.