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Topic subjectI think Diet Coke Kyrie is a fair assessment.
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2698115, I think Diet Coke Kyrie is a fair assessment.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-06-19 04:51 PM
From the Lotto post: "Garland: Easy to fall in love with him. Best handles in the class. Might be the quickest PG in the class end to end-- certainly competes with Morant in that regard (though Morant is longer and far more athletic). Potentially the best 3-point shooter in the class as well. Not a *great* athlete, not terribly strong, and not currently a tremendous creator for others with consistency. Def will have to work on that assist-to-turnover ratio... but then again, a lot of the better PGs in the league today came in with a similar sort of question. Defense, he showed good effort-- not strong enough or long enough to be a stopper, but a good motor guy on that end.

It's *really* hard to say what he'll be because our sample size was so small, but I think his upside is obvious. I think his worst case scenario is, like, Diet Coke CJ McCollum-- someone who never really becomes a PG but still finds a niche in this league as a guy who, at worst, can go off scoring any given night. Best case scenario, you've got someone like Lillard or Kyrie but a step or two down-- or perhaps more accurately a Jeff Teague with a better jumpshot-- someone who likely will have bumps in the road as he learns how to create for others but who ends up a natural guy with the ball in his hands as the game winds down."

Yeah, I definitely think he's got the goods, health permitting. He's just not really a true PG-- I think he'd have to work really hard to get to the 6-7 APG where Lillard and Kyrie currently live. Feels more like a 4-5 APG guy, tbh... but also a possible 20 PPG guy. I'd take him and worry about distribution stuff later.