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Topic subjectHOF'er, likely ROY but not a lock (Morant). Needs some adjustments
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2698102, HOF'er, likely ROY but not a lock (Morant). Needs some adjustments
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Jun-06-19 04:32 PM
I think at Duke it was tough to reconcile his being a man among teenagers and the fact that he had a loaded team, but he let me down a bit in not being more of a team player. He tried to do things on his own any time things got tough, I thought, and didn't always make the guys around him better or even let them play to their own level. Some of that plays in his favor with the shorter clock and quicker developing plays of the NBA, but I do think he's got to find the medium between doing it all and making it all happen. Physically he's more than ready, he's the most NBA-ready physical specimen we've seen since Wilt. He has a lot of skills already and the ability to round out what's lacking. Phenomenal prospect.