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Topic subjectDion Waiters with a worse attitude. Let someone else take him.
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2698074, Dion Waiters with a worse attitude. Let someone else take him.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-06-19 01:41 PM
He's got a better physical profile for the game than Waiters imo, but like Waiters, he's bullheaded on offense, doesn't pass, takes ill-advised step-backs and mid-rangers, and plays no defense. Also, unlike Waiters, his motor is very questionable. At least with Waiters, his version of pouting is to take a bunch of jumpers in a row. With Porter, his pouting is to do fucking nothing on the floor, then occasionally take a shitty long 2. He doesn't draw FTs, he fights with staff and coaches...

... I mean, maybe if you're *really* confident in your development team, you take the flier, because there's talent there. But he SCREAMS head case, and I'd rather let someone else be a genius who makes him a star than I would be the guy who has to pop four Advil a day because I have to deal with Kevin Porter drama on the regular.