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Topic subjectGood upside but insanely low floor. *So* much work to do.
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2698070, Good upside but insanely low floor. *So* much work to do.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-06-19 01:28 PM
Like, here's a guy we won't know what he'll be for 4ish years. Minimum. If he's still in the league.

Pros: he's got the ideal NBA body and the ideal NBA athleticism. He's a good rebounder.

Cons: like, everything else. Can't shoot. Poor decision making. Bad passer. Black hole on offense. Very blah ball handler. Defensive liability so frequently last year that he couldn't stay on the floor-- he'd have okay stretches, but he knows nothing on D except gambling, it seems.

This was a guy who was supposed to be a Top 5 NBA Draft LOCK. And he's really not good at anything.

I can see him being the type of guy who impresses in a workout and, combined with his rep from HS, goes late lotto. But even his HS rep was so rooted in, like, one Jordan Brand Classic and one McD's AA game. So that HS hype may have been overblown, tbh.

If you're a bad team, or if you're a good team willing to stash a guy in the G-League for a year or two, he's a project with the physical tools to be enticing. You could tell me he's a star by 2026. Or you could tell me he's in China playing for the Flying Dragons by 2021. I'd believe you either way. He's just not an NBA player right now with his current lack of definable skills.