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Topic subjectJordan Bell 2.0. I'm high on him.
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2698069, Jordan Bell 2.0. I'm high on him.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Jun-06-19 01:21 PM
So Zion smashed the college record for PER this year... but Brandon Clarke *also* broke the previous college record. He's that good. Super bouncy, elite leaper. Monster on the glass, elite shot blocker, very versatile defender, great finisher, high energy, high motor. Not huge, not a huge wingspan, but his big time athleticism and elite sense of timing more than makes up for that.

He can't really shoot, certainly isn't an offensive threat away from the rim right now... but shooting 69% from the FT line (nice) is better or close to some of the other guys drafted above him. Besides, he's not a guy you play for his diverse offensive skill set. You play him to ramp up the defense, ramp up the energy, and improve your team.

If he developed an outside shot, I'd be really tempted to cyse him as a guy with All-Star potential. (I'd say the same for Bell, tbh.) For now, he's simply a terrific team player who can help any NBA team right away.