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Topic subjectStar potential. I'm a big fan.
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2697867, Star potential. I'm a big fan.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Jun-04-19 03:40 PM
Basically take Evan Turner, a fantastic do-it-all player in college. Now add 6 inches to his wingspan and make him an NBA All-Defense potential type of defender. Now you have Jarrett Culver. He executes PnR magnificently, rarely makes stupid mistakes, is a lockdown defender, and, while he isn't a good shooter, shoots *just* well enough to keep defenses honest. He's not an elite athlete but at 6'6 with a 6'11+ wingspan, he fits the profile really well.

My concerns with him are pretty basic young guy concerns: he needs to fill out more, he needs to work on his jumper, he needs to prove he can be as adept at creating space and running PnR at the next level as he was in a very good Big 12 conference. He's the type of guy that, if he got hurt and lost some quickness, would really need to start proving himself as a shooter to stay improving upon his potential. (Again, see Evan Turner here.)

But Turner at his peak did, what, 14/5/4 somewhere in there? I can easily see Culver doing this by Year 2 or 3. He's also one of those guys who has a great rep for working hard, being coachable, etc. If you want to look at a player to try to peg "the next Kawhi," a guy who couldn't shoot well in college but if he suddenly could shoot 40% from 3 in the NBA would be a real multi-year ASG type to have to deal with? Culver is that guy imo. I wouldn't let him slip past 4.