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Topic subjectNo additional hype necessary. He's a star.
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2697847, No additional hype necessary. He's a star.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Jun-04-19 10:16 AM
He's like Draymond Green if you added elite athleticism and strength... and honestly maybe even upped the motor a notch or two.

Never stops moving. Dives for everything. Pressed beyond belief.
Jumps out of the building. Combined with his inhuman strength for his age, and he's a cannonball.
Terrific defender for his age. Great instincts, great speed, great IQ, great effort.
ELITE passer for his position. He uncorked a few of the best passes I've seen at the college level last year. Willingly creates for others.
Unlike some stars, absurdly coachable, humble, and willing to work.

Even at the next level, he's a matchup nightmare. He's going to blow past players as strong as him, and he's going to back down players who can deal with his quickness.

I could nitpick. He currently has the Julius-Randle-in-college thing of "because I can bully players on offense, I will"-- which would occasionally get him into trouble and/or frustration when he'd get stripped/whacked without calls. Zion will get past this (as did Randle), but I imagine it may cause his turnovers/efficiency to be a little lower than maybe people immediately expect out of the gate. Also, his shot release is currently *really* flat-- although he was also Duke's best 3-point shooter in ACC play at 37%, so maybe I shouldn't be as concerned? He's no Ben Simmons, but I'd guess he won't ever really top, say, Bron's career shooting stats of 34% from 3 and 74% from the stripe. Good enough to keep opposing teams honest *enough*, but bad enough that teams will still be happy to let him shoot until he can prove he can take over games outside of the paint.

That's all so nitpicky tho. He's easily the best prospect since Anthony Davis. Just a unique talent. I'd imagine he'd do Blake Griffin-esque numbers more or less right away-- only with more steals and blocks. Perennial All-Star.