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Topic subject... yeah, I'd be too scared to draft him.
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2697845, ... yeah, I'd be too scared to draft him.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Jun-04-19 10:01 AM
I mean, yes, the unicorn potential is there, so at some point, a team that can afford to stash him should. But it's going to take SO much for him to pan out. Because while he's a good shot blocker and a good 3-point shooter...

- he has a truly awful motor. Worst in the draft. I saw him play in person in HS and it was the same thing-- he'd make a great play, then have zero impact on the next ten minutes of play. He won't jump, he won't run, and God knows he won't dive on the floor for a loose ball.
- he's an awful defender on the whole. Blown by if he's anywhere other than the paint. And it's not just lack of lateral speed, it's lack of effort.
- he's very turnover prone. I'll give him the "he's young" here-- but combine that with his poor effort, and I don't see this fixing easily.

I'd say the odds of him being the next Thon Maker are waaaaaay higher than the odds of him being the next Giannis. By a lot. A lot a lot. It's not impossible, so again, someone should roll the dice... but he needs an absurd amount of development. AND that assumes he stays healthy, which is also a big question mark.