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Topic subjectI keep coming back to a Bruce Bowen comparison, tbh.
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2697816, I keep coming back to a Bruce Bowen comparison, tbh.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jun-03-19 02:33 PM
All the comparisons I keep seeing are bad. Here's the situation with Hunter:

- outstanding outside shooter with good 3s/midrangers as well.
- SUPERB defender, the best in the draft-- a guy who genuinely could make multiple all-defense teams.
- not a good creator with the ball in his hands-- much better at the catch-and-shoot game than the dribble-drive game.
- decent athlete, but not the type of athlete that normally gets the "all-defense potential" hype. Hunter's defense comes from his strength, footwork, and sky-high IQ.

Most of the comparisons I've seen either sell his defensive potential short or hype up his athleticism too much. So I'm going to go with Bruce Bowen. His floor is a Bruce Bowen type that has good shooting and good defense, without ever really getting great. His ceiling is a Bruce Bowen type that scores double digits a game spreading the floor and makes multiple all-defense teams.

Still, with the game being more and more reliant on versatility, I think Hunter is a major asset, and I think his upside is being sold short in some scouting reports. We've seen plenty of kids with freak athleticism disappoint, especially at shooting and defense, but who get drafted highly exclusively on versatility potential. Here's a guy who's a great shooter, great defender, and a great IQ player. I'm not going to overthink it by sweating how quickly he does the shuttle run. I'd start considering him as high as fifth, and if he goes anywhere lower than eighth, he'll be considered a massive steal.