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Topic subjectMamba Mentality, for better and/or for worse.
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2697490, Mamba Mentality, for better and/or for worse.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu May-30-19 02:21 PM
The kid is an absolute dog-- nothing NyQuil about him. Lives for the big moment. Didn't always come through last season, but never shied away from the ball in his hands, never shied away from contact. Combining what we saw last year with what he did at the U-19s two years back and, yeah, there's a reason people thought he was the #1 overall before the season started. Kid had massive star potential, and he loves the lights. He also *never* stops fighting, even if your team is down twenty plus (take note, Knicks).

The shooting isn't great, obviously-- he has potential here, as he showed in a few monster outings last season, but he can get out of rhythm, slow down his release, and really lay some bricks too. I suspect this could improve with time-- he was, after all, supposed to be a *high school senior* last season, and instead he was a college All-American.

I think people don't remotely appreciate enough his rebounding (he gets after the glass, especially on the defensive end, for a SF) and his passing (top 250 in the country in assist rate, top 10 in the ACC). People cyse "point forwards" too often, but with the right coach, this isn't an impossibility with him.

He needs to tighten his handle still, he needs to get better with his right, he needs to improve his defensive consistency-- but these are all freshmen problems for the most part. He's an obvious Top 3 pick, an obvious multi-year All-Star ceiling kind of guy. Worst case scenario, if I'm trying to remove bias, you get, like, a lefty Ricky Davis at his peak, someone who does it all but probably guns more than his team needs, a big stat guy on a team that struggles somewhat.

But I wouldn't bet against RJ. Guys with that amount of Dog in them don't bust often, imo.