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Topic subjectHe should not be suspended but who cares? He played shitty in Game 2
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2697631, He should not be suspended but who cares? He played shitty in Game 2
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Fri May-31-19 04:01 PM
That line has been good for the Blues overall but he didn't play a very sharp Game 2 and might benefit from a game in the press box.

He muffed an outnumbered attack on the power play (he just went behind the net and took himself out of the play) and then they end up taking a penalty (Schwartz goalie interference) a couple seconds later. He picked up the penalty on this hit, which easily could have been a major in today's NHL. He also missed the net on a gorgeous setup from Petro.

The hit itself was reviewed by the crew and they didn't even assess a major. They didn't miss anything and their judgment was right. Yet in the eyes of the league it's worth a suspension? Usually they correct when the officials miss a call or don't properly consider it but they didn't do the former and did the latter here. That's just a garden variety check on a defensemen but he fakes one way and moves the other while lowering his position. Hard to hold up there and certainly not a malicious play where he targeted the head. But Sundqvist is basically a nobody so the NHL looks tough on head shots by suspending him here.

Also, while I hate the idea that penalties, free throws, etc should be even or evened out, wow, Blues have had 10 PKs and Bruins 4 in this series so far if my count is correct. That's a big gap and while I get that the Bruins drew some penalties and the Blues have tried to be a little more physical, it doesn't really add up, especially now tossing in a suspension. How the fuck did Krug not get a charging penalty in Game 1? If that isn't charging, what the fuck is? Pretty much a textbook example. The missed slash that would have given them a 5on3, they were aware of that. No call and no makeup call. This is not a conspiracy theory as much as it is a straightforward critique of the officiating.