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Topic subjectHa, yup. It was the same way in high school though
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2697032, Ha, yup. It was the same way in high school though
Posted by DJR, Fri May-24-19 10:25 AM
I remember kids talking shit trying to aggravate the girls, like “girls can’t play basketball.” It was never the guys on the team saying that stuff. It would be some volleyball player or something who was a pickup hoops scrub, but thought he was doing something because he could grab the rim.

I think where a lot of people get confused in these discussions is they think their little 3 on 3, 1 basket games at the side basket of the Y is “basketball.” There’s average guys who play pickup who could probably use their height and strength to get buckets in that context. They couldn’t actually step on the court with high level women players and play real 5 on 5 full court basketball effectively though.