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Topic subjectIt really is
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2696464, It really is
Posted by auragin_boi, Fri May-17-19 08:40 AM
-AD and Bron reluctantly attending
-The subtle "hey" to each other due to the prior 'collusion' episode lol
-Dolan banning everyone from the garden
-Everyone forgetting about Ayton
-The call back to the 3 Dirks
-AD having to read the criticism of him then going off script "I'm supposed to beat house Warriors with Jrue Holiday and half a season of Boogie Cousins?"
-Vlade realizing he made sh*t trades lol
-Ainge's eyebrow raise during it
-LeBron roasting everyone while drinking wine lol
-"So he can attend Knights only meetings about how many push-ups are fair?"
-The Pelicans owner yelling "F*ck you Davis" after they got the first pick

I was dying through the whole thing.