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Topic subjectSo the NCAA is finally pulling its heads out of its ass
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2696377, So the NCAA is finally pulling its heads out of its ass
Posted by auragin_boi, Thu May-16-19 08:49 AM
and is discussing letting players profit from their name.

Of course they aren't discussing 'paying' players but I suppose it's a start. I wonder if the NBA removing the age limit in a few yrs and increasing G-league salaries provoked this.


The NCAA made a potentially game-changing announcement on Tuesday, appointing a working group to examine issues related to student-athletes using their name, image and likeness. Member representatives from all three NCAA divisions will comprise the working group, co-chaired by Big East commissioner Val Ackerman and Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.


What is name, image and likeness?
As it stands now, a student athlete's photograph, name, autograph, jersey or personal identity can be used by a university and the NCAA for advertising or commercially without allowing the athlete to gain anything monetarily.

The athletes are not allowed to profit off their own brand or level of celebrity. That means athletes can't receive payment for their autograph, they don't receive payment for showing up in promotional and marketing assets designed to promote the university or NCAA and they are unable to receive any money from jersey sales associated with their respective numbers.

The working group will now discuss the potential for a student athlete to own the rights to his or her own name, image and brand among other aspects, potentially allowing a student athlete to gain monetarily off of their own status.
2696379, They're doing the minimum
Posted by B9, Thu May-16-19 09:23 AM
This is going to move at a snail's ass pace because ADs have no clue how to budget for the inevitable end-game of paying players. Kicking the can, slowly, down the road with some bullshit committee looking at a non-solution.
2696382, ^^^^
Posted by smutsboy, Thu May-16-19 09:31 AM
2696394, I reckon the minimum is better than the zero they were doing.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu May-16-19 10:17 AM
But yeah, this is definitely the minimum, and nothing will happen before OAD is removed.

I think the removal of OAD, combined with the growth of paying options away from college and the overall continued decline of NCAA ratings, should help light a fire under their asses by 2022-2023 to *actually* consider action. If only because not allowing players to profit will start to hurt their profits, and money is the only thing that talks.
2696398, Definitely...
Posted by auragin_boi, Thu May-16-19 10:36 AM
We all know that, but if Ed O'bannon's gripe gets us kids getting a kickback from EA for March madness 2021, it's 'something'.

Gotta crack the egg then open it.
2696417, Olympic model?
Posted by DeepAztheRoot, Thu May-16-19 01:29 PM
I doubt they would go that far unless Congress starts to lean on them. No one likes the government telling them what to do.