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Topic subjectEmbiid killed his drive game & he was playing scared in Gm 7
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2696090, Embiid killed his drive game & he was playing scared in Gm 7
Posted by FILF, Mon May-13-19 09:31 PM
>siakam looks like hes already regressing in the same playoffs
>he was coming into his own.
>hes prolly gonna have to do the majority of the defensive
>legwork against giannis this series while having to score 20+
>on the other end to keep up with that bucks offense. iono if
>he has that in him.

He doesn't seem to fear Giannis, he actually went right at him in the regular season & got him to bite on his fake which put Giannis in foul trouble. Giannis isn't as good a one-on-one shot blocker as Embiid & he can also be knocked off balance on drives. One the other end, he has the foot-speed to not get blown by on face-up drives & the length to challenge his shots but needs help on post-ups. Actually, the most important thing is Siakam's defensive versatile since he can switch onto Middleton when they run the Giannis-Middleton PnR.

Also, I'm not sure if Siakam has recovered from his hammy/calf issues b/c he's going to need every bit of athleticism in this series.