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Topic subjectThe X-Factors for the Raptors are Ibaka/Van Shit/Gasol
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2696088, The X-Factors for the Raptors are Ibaka/Van Shit/Gasol
Posted by FILF, Mon May-13-19 09:16 PM
Ibaka is the only role player that isn't hesitant to shoot when he's open & during the regular season he had a couple of big games against the Bucks b/c they gave him the pick-n-pop jumpers. He also can somewhat guard Giannis since he's mobile/strong enough to not get physically overwhelmed. (He was guarding Harris/Simmons vs. Sixers)

As far as Gasol, he's going to get WIDE open shots so he has to be decisive instead of trying to play that good-to-great nonsense which allows the defense to recover.

Finally, Van Shit needs to show up (he has played well against the Bucks) otherwise the bench is going to get annihilated. (Norman Powell also got a 40mill contract by rescuing the Raptors in the '17 series against Kidd's Bucks)


-Gasol/Lopez (Raptors might switch 4/5 if it's a pick-n-pop)

-Siakam/Giannis (Siakam excels in transition so the Bucks style of play suits him & Raptors experimented in the regular season letting Giannis run wild vs. crowding him so the coverage might vary depending on the Bucks shooting)

-Kawhi/Middleton (This will be interesting, Middleton usually does a good job of denying but gets overpowered on drives. Also, Middleton struggled to get a shot off against Kawhi & resorted to being a playmaker)

-Danny/Brogdon (If the Raptors are going to have a chance then Danny needs to contain Brodgon although he's going to struggle getting looks with how the Bucks defend the 3)

-Lowry/Bledsoe (This is a matchup of volatile/physical point guards who should be able to guard each other in the half-court. Lowry is going struggle to score while Bledsoe might feast in transition if the Raptors role players are shooting bricks)

OG is most likely not going to play in the series thus Powell will most likely get minutes in this series & the Raptors are probably happy that Daddy Thon Maker is no longer on the Bucks roster b/c he used to killed 'em (Snell too, I believe)

Bottomline: If the Raptors keep missing WIDE open shots then they are getting run out of the building.