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Topic subjectTo sweeten that deal
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2695997, To sweeten that deal
Posted by Numba_33, Mon May-13-19 10:57 AM
the Clippers would have to guarantee another max level play is going to sign there with Kawhi, no? If so, I wonder if they have that mapped out already because it's very unlikely IMO that Kawhi would make a 4 year commitment to rebuild the Clippers without an ironclad plan that he would get top level help, especially out in the West.

In regards to him signing in Toronto, I wonder what the front office can do to upgrade the roster because it's pretty clear the dude needs a dependable number two option. Would be wild if Butler ends up there somehow since he would be a huge upgrade over the putrid Danny Green. I would have to think selling Kawhi on the plans to upgrade the current Raptors roster has to be the front office's first priority.