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Topic subjectReally tough call.
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2693040, Really tough call.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Apr-11-19 02:09 PM
Not that it looks as great next to Tyus's NBA numbers this year, but Tre set a Duke rookie record for A:TO this year, even over Tyus's. His passing is definitely comparable, and Tre's defense was unquestionably better than Tyus's as a Duke freshman. He's also a little bigger than Tyus, so that's a definite plus for the next level.

The downside right now is the shooting, obviously. Tyus came into Duke shooting 38% from 3 and 88% from the stripe. Tre shot 26% from 3 and 75% from the stripe. Now granted, the 75% FT percentage suggests Tre should be a better shooter from 3 long term than he was this season... but yeah, this year, he was a liability from the perimeter.

Considering Tyus has only been shooting two 3s a game and one FT a game, I don't really think he needs to be as good a shooter as Tyus to still be as effective. He just has to be better than he is now-- I expect Tre to do closer to 35% from 3 and 78-80% from FT next season, which I think is all he'd need to show to be a lock first rounder. He's the better defender, he's got the same gift for passing/efficiency, and he's got an inch or so of height on his brother. Just like Tyus, you're not bringing him out to score-- you're bringing him out to create opportunities, and you're bringing him out to be a pest to the opposing PG. They're both the ideal guy to run a team with a couple stars on the roster imo-- they're looking first and foremost to help the stars, and they also make great decisions when asked to.

Gun to head, it's hard to ignore that Tyus is *already* in the NBA doing these things, and Tre is merely the potential guy, so I'd go Tyus, but if you need a guy *like* one of these two-- and several teams definitely could use a Jones-- then either guy I'd imagine would suffice and really thrive in that role. I think Tre should be close enough to as good as Tyus that teams will want him next draft.