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2692583, RE: that's not true
Posted by COOLEHMAGAZINE, Sun Apr-07-19 03:40 PM
>>has less to do with being white
>* black players have been given less opportunity at the
>quarterback position, all the way back to HS
>* less black quarterbacks in general at every level
>* less black ex-quarterbacks, a position that is often the
>quickest to rise up the offensive coaching ranks and be an
>offensive coordinator
>* less black offensive coordinators that could be the "next
>and if you tell me that black quarterbacks get the same
>chances as white ones these days, or even for the last decade
>(something I would argue against, but let's just say things
>have improved), that still doesn't change the fact that the
>black coaching pool of 30-40 somethings being hired right
>today have been affected by the above

Those things are all true and have affected said pool.

That said, that's who these idiots want to hire right now, the next Sean McVay.

Sean Payton was just talking about it. Both things can be true.