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2691941, ehh.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sun Mar-31-19 12:37 PM
for me it's nothing against kyrie personally. he's having a fucking amazing season, easily his best ever. 24/7/5 on 59% true shooting? that's a 6 person list, and they're all one namers (wilt, bird, magic, jordan, lebron, harden)

so yeah, i wouldn't be mad at him on 3rd team.

i omitted him more as a protest vote, against that team. they're a joke. biggest disappointment in the league by far. i'm personally not comfortable rewarding them with *any* postseason awards recognition. they don't deserve it. if kyrie is collateral damage, so be it.

i'm also not about to knock kemba (whose best teammate is what, jeremy lamb? nic batum? cody zeller??) for missing the playoffs. give him horford and tatum and them boys and i think he'd be aight.