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Topic subjectI’m supposed to believe 13 games over 500 is trash
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2691917, I’m supposed to believe 13 games over 500 is trash
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Mar-31-19 04:45 AM
Look, that Lakers have been TRASH. The Celtics have been disappointing, but so have the Rockets. Need I point out where OKC was predicted to finish? They in the last playoff spot. Pathetic.

All these excuses having nothing to do with PERFORMANCE ain’t gonna get it done.

And Kemba doesn’t average more boards. Not that you care, because all you gonna do is hang on to that inflated padded scoring average for dear life.

“Weird” with the media would have kept off a lot of dudes who made it in recent years. The only “weird” thing about Kyrie is he left Bron after Bron conspired to trade him because Bron was tired of KD dicking him down in June and fucking up his 2016 legacy. People hold that against Kyrie because they can’t talk about him outside the context of Lebron. That much is obvious.