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Topic subjectActually, Hayward came back.
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2691905, Actually, Hayward came back.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Mar-30-19 11:14 PM
>Your boy came back and the team got significantly worse. Not
>a good look.

Kyrie is still second out of the major Celtics players in On/Off numbers (Tatum the only player ahead of him). He also leads the team in BPM and VORP, so basically every metric suggests the team is better with him on the court. Even factoring in the fact that the Celtics won a good amount when Kyrie was out... the team performed better on the whole this year with Kyrie in.

Hayward has negative On/Off numbers for the year, and Jaylen Brown went from a +8.4 to a -2.4 On/Off this year. You can't blame that dip on Kyrie, because those are year-long numbers. Brown either was fluky good last season or has struggled to adjust to playing fewer minutes due to Hayward's return. Or both. (Brown also has the worst BPM and VORP of any notable Celtic this year.) So... yeah.