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Topic subjectAll NBA teams - who you got?
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2691572, All NBA teams - who you got?
Posted by DJR, Tue Mar-26-19 04:59 PM
I’m going:


2691573, Booker over Beal. That’s about it.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Tue Mar-26-19 05:28 PM
2691601, im curious if anyone else thinks this
Posted by HecticHavoc, Wed Mar-27-19 09:38 AM
lifelong Suns fan and I still have Beal over him

Beal is doing things only 6 or 7 players in the entire league are doing.

Booker is just an elite scorer. cant rebound or create like Beal.

edit: i think that list is spot on.
2691602, are you new here?
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Mar-27-19 09:52 AM
2691603, For real?
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Mar-27-19 09:54 AM
Brad Beal:
Mins 37.6
Pts 26.0
FG % 47.6
3FG% 35.1
Rpg 5.2
Apg 5.5
Steals 1.5
Blks 0.7

Devin Booker:
Mins 35.3
Pts 26.1
FG% 45.7
3FG %32.6
Rpg 4.2
Apg 6.7
Steals 0.9
Blks 0.2

2691605, 26-5-5
Posted by HecticHavoc, Wed Mar-27-19 10:14 AM
so basically you just showed that Book is an elite scorer with inferior defensive stats, which was the thesis of my post.

this is an All-NBA discussion. not who has better assist numbers.

only 6 other players are doing 26-5-5.
2691613, You mentioned defense in your “thesis” Lmao?
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Mar-27-19 10:53 AM
You said Booker can’t rebound or create like Beal.

The stats show otherwise.

This is about the All-NBA Team ... not about what you feel bro.

How many players are putting up 26/6/4?


See how that works?
2691615, alright I regret saying create
Posted by HecticHavoc, Wed Mar-27-19 11:05 AM
i feel just fine -- i watch more Suns games than you do. he's an elite player.

i wanted to know if anyone agreed with you, haven't seen anyone yet.

Beal is an elite defender. Book is probably a top 5 worst defensive SG.

pretty sure, when dealing with All-NBA discussions, defense matters.
2691616, You said create though.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Mar-27-19 11:13 AM
You also said rebound.

You probably do watch more Suns than I do if you watch all the Suns games.

I do watch the Suns though.

I can also guarantee that I’ve seen way more Brad Beal than you and he is absolutely not an elite defender. In fact aside from a random tweet or Wizards message board, that’s the first I ever heard that.

Does defense come into play for All-NBA? I dunno. I see Jokic First Team. The great defense of Steph Curry? Same? Kemba?

Let’s be consistent.

2691651, he's the leader of a last place team in the west.
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Mar-28-19 08:14 AM
2691654, And Brad Beal is the leader of...
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Thu Mar-28-19 08:35 AM
the Where's John Wall to drag us to the playoffs and legitimize us team?
2691631, nah, and i like booker much more than beal
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Mar-27-19 02:27 PM
beal has been a beast this year, and he plays d
2691574, you nailed it.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Tue Mar-26-19 07:17 PM
maybe switch kawhi and bron, but the rest is spot on.
2691629, I put Kawhi first team but I see an argument all over for him
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Mar-27-19 02:23 PM
He's missed a lot of time to be first team but when he's been healthy he's played at a first team level. You can sorta say the same for LeBron but not really, since the groin injury he's looked mad half-assed.

The OP has George and I can feel that, he's played his best season since before the injury and probably his best season period.
2691655, agreed.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Thu Mar-28-19 08:37 AM
kawhi playing the full season absolutely pushes PG to 2nd team.

kawhi missing 20ish games with "dnp-load mgmt" puts him in a debate w bron for the 4th forward spot.
2691579, My picks..
Posted by Ink_Spot, Tue Mar-26-19 09:59 PM
1st Team

2nd Team

3rd Team
2691596, Embiid over Jokic or we riot
Posted by MarkyMark, Wed Mar-27-19 07:40 AM
...other than that I have it exactly the same. I can't remember a year where it is so neatly clear cut.

2691608, Embiid will get it too. Dat charisma
Posted by bshelly, Wed Mar-27-19 10:21 AM
2691612, as he should
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Mar-27-19 10:42 AM
2691621, I thought Center was the most debatable
Posted by DJR, Wed Mar-27-19 11:58 AM
Between Jokic and Embiid.

And between who gets 3rd team. Davis is still Davis. I just don’t see him getting it this year, even though he’s still the best center. Gobert has an argument.

He’s not as good as KAT, but Vucevic has had a hell of a year. In another season he’d have a legit argument for 3rd.
2691628, I love Jokic, too, but there isn't much of a debate
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Mar-27-19 02:21 PM
Embiid does everything Jokic does on the offensive end and MUCH more on the defensive end.
2691633, He doesn’t necessarily do everything he does on the offensive end.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Mar-27-19 03:19 PM
2691634, Absolutely not. Embiid also wins less.
Posted by khn, Wed Mar-27-19 03:32 PM
And that's with a better squad in a weaker conference.
2691635, Also... a true statement
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Mar-27-19 03:57 PM
2691637, of the top 4 teams in both conferences
Posted by dula dibiasi, Wed Mar-27-19 04:56 PM
denver's got by far the biggest gap btwn 1st and 2nd best player. i love murray as a future, and i know we're all pretending that he's already a stud, but he isn't. 15.3 PER, .091 WS/48, .533 TS%. dude is mid asf. he wouldn't even start on philly, he'd be their 5th or 6th best player.

and factor in the time that barton/harris/millsap have missed and yeah, joker's definitely done more w/ less, and in a stronger conf.
2691639, Lmao @ “he wouldn’t start on Philly”
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Wed Mar-27-19 05:05 PM
Yeah the Nuggets are just tied for the best record in the West cuz of chance.
2691650, RE: Lmao @ “he wouldn’t start on Philly”
Posted by MarkyMark, Thu Mar-28-19 06:53 AM
For real. Murray would absolutely start for the Sixers. JJ Reddick to the bench.
2691652, christ.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Thu Mar-28-19 08:30 AM
you niggas sidetrack everyfuckingthing.

can we focus on the main point here?

whether or not murray would start for the sixers is neither here nor there. the point is that he wouldn't be their 2nd best player, or even their 3rd best.

embiid's had more help, in a weaker conference, and joker's team still has a better record. that's why i have him 1st team and embiid 2nd.

2691716, I can dig that. Especially when you consider individual talents.
Posted by TheRealBillyOcean, Thu Mar-28-19 03:42 PM
But the Nuggets have a better overall team. Probably a better coach too.
2691696, He'd be their fifth starter though, big drop from his role in Denver
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Mar-28-19 01:33 PM
Murray has been a core guy for them the past two years, he wouldn't be that on the Sixers but then again we're talking about the second best starting five in basketball. He would be a huge help to their roster though, put him in over Redick and that would bring them up a whole level, especially if Redick could then come off the bench and run the second unit.

Again I am not trying to take anything from Jokic here, we are talking about the very top spot at the position in the league though
2691695, I buy the more with less argument, sure, but ...
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Mar-28-19 01:32 PM
we aren't talking MVP, we're talking All-NBA designations here.

Also Embiid was in that boat last year, that's just a matter of where their respective teams are in their process.

You look at PER they are pretty even. Embiid scores more (seven points), rebounds (three per game) more. From an assist standpoint strictly obviously Jokic has a big edge but in terms of floor spacing and moving the ball they are a lot more similar. TS% Embiid's is very slightly higher. I just don't see an argument in terms of their individual performance for Jokic here. MVP voting, sure, he might finish higher but that isn't at issue here. It's a strict comparison of their performance. And I haven't even mentioned defense here, where it's basically like comparing Kidd with Nash in that era.
2691611, I'm good with your list.
Posted by Castro, Wed Mar-27-19 10:26 AM
2691627, Steph/Harden/Giannis/Kawhi/Embiid first team
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Wed Mar-27-19 02:20 PM

2691866, thanks for proving yet again that i'm not the problem.
Posted by Basaglia, Sat Mar-30-19 05:53 PM

24 and 7 on 49, 40 and 87 splits.

and he not better than kemba 30 year-old not making the playoffs ass?

y'all gave that boy shit (and still do) for not getting those harangody, samardo, fat dion, gee, manny harris, etc. cavs teams to the playoffs and we shooting bail to FUCKING KEMBA.

this is a clear "i like this player more PERSONALLY" selection by y'all niggas.

shits getting real old and wack, dogg. but, i always gotta be the asshole when i point out the blatant bullshit y'all be on.

PER better than pretty much everybody y'all selected over him.

now, i hope he does team with KD and they just skull fuck the league the next 5 years.
2691902, LOL
Posted by Stadiq, Sat Mar-30-19 10:54 PM
Your boy came back and the team got significantly worse. Not a good look.

You keep wanting to make it about the Cavs 5+ years ago, but he is on a good squad RIGHT NOW and under-achieving.

Why don't you talk about that?

I'm not sure he'd make the 4th team if it was a thing. (I ignored that you think making the THIRD TEAM is somehow where you thought your man crush would end up...LOL LOL. Third ream is the bar, huh? I'm crying....)

He and KD would be a win for the media looking for nonsense/overly emotional quotes...nothing else. Well the Knicks would make the 2nd round I guess. Cool?

2691905, Actually, Hayward came back.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Mar-30-19 11:14 PM
>Your boy came back and the team got significantly worse. Not
>a good look.

Kyrie is still second out of the major Celtics players in On/Off numbers (Tatum the only player ahead of him). He also leads the team in BPM and VORP, so basically every metric suggests the team is better with him on the court. Even factoring in the fact that the Celtics won a good amount when Kyrie was out... the team performed better on the whole this year with Kyrie in.

Hayward has negative On/Off numbers for the year, and Jaylen Brown went from a +8.4 to a -2.4 On/Off this year. You can't blame that dip on Kyrie, because those are year-long numbers. Brown either was fluky good last season or has struggled to adjust to playing fewer minutes due to Hayward's return. Or both. (Brown also has the worst BPM and VORP of any notable Celtic this year.) So... yeah.
2691906, My dude, can this be about PERFORMANCE, please!?!?
Posted by Basaglia, Sat Mar-30-19 11:15 PM
All this shit you talking is narrative and perception. He made them worse? Oh, because last years they had a 16 game win streak WITH HIM and they struggled down the stretch of the regular season WITHOUT him before they went on a playoff run. They almost lost in the first round. No one remembers all that because the anti-Kyrie agenda on basketball twitter is powerful as fuck right now and is infecting fans and analysts who used to have good sense. People dislike dude over shit that has nothing to do with PERFORMANCE. All them young Celtics niggas annointed look suspect as fuck this season. Rozier been CHEEKS. Rather than have a honest assessment and recalibration of their ceilings (which were overblown like fuck off a month of playoffs), niggas just throw it at Kyrie feet like “oh, he ain’t LEAD THEM CORRECTLY.”

How the fuck Kemba 30 and not making the playoffs in the east with that roster? When that nigga gon ever crack 45%...shit 43?

Y’all can keep tryna rewrite Kyrie legacy all the fuck y’all want, it don’t change these facts...

Dame was born to sell in the postseason and if Kyrie ever put up 18ppg on sub-40 shooting and was thoroughly dominated by the opposing PG, niggas woulda boycotted for him to have to give his ring back.

Kemba is a lame ass Rudy story. Same volume scoring every season. Same overlooking them bum ass 6-24 games that KEEP HIS FG% TRASH!

Russ is a loud, aggressive FUCK UP. He gon be 35 and niggas still gon be praising him for trying hard while he launch from 28 with 15 or more on the shot clock when his team up 5 with 1:30 to go.

Edit: my bad for not seeing who I was responding to. You been a fuckin hater. Still on get back from 2016. SMH.
2691909, you that aggy over a damn 3rd team snub?
Posted by DJR, Sat Mar-30-19 11:28 PM
Kemba singlehandidly has had that garbage Hornets team in playoff contention all year, so I went with him. But Kyrie’s got a good argument for it too. Very good numbers. Ultimately I went with who I thought would actually get it at each spot.
2691911, Yes, I am aggy.
Posted by Basaglia, Sat Mar-30-19 11:34 PM
You get aggy no one mention bum ass grant as a top 25 player under 25. Fuck outta here.

“Oh, Kyrie got a good case, too” ....lol, man I keep tryna pinpoint when shit went left for Kyrie in the media (meanwhile fans and corporate America been friends, as is the case with SUPERSTARS) because this the third all-NBA in a row he gon miss and people always got “reasons” and I gotta see niggas I know gon be ringless footnotes of an era getting the nod.
2691916, His team is trash, dogg.
Posted by Ryan M, Sun Mar-31-19 03:30 AM
Plus he’s been all aggro and weird in the media...who have a say in this.

Wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t make it given his team’s shitty performance and his terrible attitude. Kemba has more points, more rebounds, less assists, less team wins, and less dumb media comments.
2691917, I’m supposed to believe 13 games over 500 is trash
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Mar-31-19 04:45 AM
Look, that Lakers have been TRASH. The Celtics have been disappointing, but so have the Rockets. Need I point out where OKC was predicted to finish? They in the last playoff spot. Pathetic.

All these excuses having nothing to do with PERFORMANCE ain’t gonna get it done.

And Kemba doesn’t average more boards. Not that you care, because all you gonna do is hang on to that inflated padded scoring average for dear life.

“Weird” with the media would have kept off a lot of dudes who made it in recent years. The only “weird” thing about Kyrie is he left Bron after Bron conspired to trade him because Bron was tired of KD dicking him down in June and fucking up his 2016 legacy. People hold that against Kyrie because they can’t talk about him outside the context of Lebron. That much is obvious.
2691928, Why lie about Houston?
Posted by Ryan M, Sun Mar-31-19 11:27 AM
They STARTED Disappointing. They’re 2 games back from the 1 seed now.

Thanks for the dig at the Lakers, but it’s irrelevant here.

I looked quickly at stats. My bad on that.

You mad. Over something that might not even happen. Sad.
2691931, Yeah, why lie about Houston? They’re the 3rd seed.
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Mar-31-19 11:54 AM
I’m mad about something that HAS happened. Bitches on OKP doing agenda analysis he again and mentioned dudes with inflated meaningless stats on bum ass teams over a guy with better stats and a winning team.
2691935, Didn’t you just say you don’t think Kyrie will make it either?
Posted by DJR, Sun Mar-31-19 12:15 PM
Of course he’s a better player than Kemba. Or Beal.

We’ll see what happens. I posted who I think is gonna get the nods.
2691923, Kyrie's teammates don't like him personally either.
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sun Mar-31-19 10:24 AM
>this is a clear "i like this player more PERSONALLY" selection
>by y'all niggas.
2691929, Like who?
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Mar-31-19 11:50 AM
2691963, The ones who didn't go to Duke.
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sun Mar-31-19 04:18 PM
2691941, ehh.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sun Mar-31-19 12:37 PM
for me it's nothing against kyrie personally. he's having a fucking amazing season, easily his best ever. 24/7/5 on 59% true shooting? that's a 6 person list, and they're all one namers (wilt, bird, magic, jordan, lebron, harden)

so yeah, i wouldn't be mad at him on 3rd team.

i omitted him more as a protest vote, against that team. they're a joke. biggest disappointment in the league by far. i'm personally not comfortable rewarding them with *any* postseason awards recognition. they don't deserve it. if kyrie is collateral damage, so be it.

i'm also not about to knock kemba (whose best teammate is what, jeremy lamb? nic batum? cody zeller??) for missing the playoffs. give him horford and tatum and them boys and i think he'd be aight.
2691942, protest vote? yeah, i don't need to come back to this thread
Posted by Basaglia, Sun Mar-31-19 01:36 PM
2691945, is what it is, nigga. be mad.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Sun Mar-31-19 02:12 PM
he making it IRL anyway.
2696974, I was wrong. Congrats to Kyrie on his second team selection
Posted by DJR, Thu May-23-19 07:35 PM