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Topic subjecti support your thesis, but the narrative is wrong
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2690125, i support your thesis, but the narrative is wrong
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Mar-09-19 10:50 AM
stanley wasnt in Luke's way, Reggie Bullock was, and to some extent Langston Galloway still is. (i dont understand the fascination SVG and Casey BOTH have with him btw. he had a nice game last night but cmon.)

somebody has to guard 3s and Stanley was the best at that. when bullock sat and galloway played instead of kennard, that aint because of stanley. bc now bruce brown gets stanley's minutes and plays next to Galloway. Kennard cant guard 3s and probably never will. Bullock can guard both tho, and always should have been starting there next to Kennard.

i understand the stanley trade (SVG loyalist id guess, plus contract year) but Reggie Bullock is an elite 3-D player and now the big 3 of Blake/Reggie/Andre is on fire (especially Andre, who will be in the HOF if this is his consistent prime).


should be the starting lineup right now. (all acquired and/or developed by SVG). in my perfect world, Stanley is still on the team with the 2nd unit but at least weve gotten return on that.

finally, on Kennard himself, hes playing like this now because hes good enough to do so. i realize that sounds redundant, but this wasnt him as a player even 3 months ago. if you want to give his increased aggression and confidence to Casey i wont argue that, but it wasnt always there, even if the talent/skills were. now hes shooting with minimal delay, and showing creativity. i just hate that we had to move Bullock to bring it out. they should be playing together.