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Topic subjectMason is notably better than Len, cmon. That's inarguable.
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2690075, Mason is notably better than Len, cmon. That's inarguable.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Mar-07-19 07:12 PM
Career stats for Len (5th overall pick) and Plumlee (22nd overall pick):

Plumlee: 8.5
Len: 7.7

Plumlee: 6.3
Len: 6.3

Plumlee: 2.1
Len: .8 (lmao)

Plumlee: .8
Len: .4

Plumlee: 1
Len: 1

Plumlee: 57.3%
Len: 49.5%

Box Plus Minus:
Plumlee: 2.4
Len: -1.8 (for his career!)

Value Over Replacement Player:
Plumlee: 11.1
Len: .4

Win Shares:
Plumlee: 29.8
Len: 14.4

I'll give Len pure free throw percentage over Mason. Other than that, Mason is equal to or better than Len at *literally* everything.

Len's BPM, VORP, and WS numbers are actually fairly close to those of Miles, an end-of-first-rounder 5 years older than Len.

But I'll give you that Len, a Top 5 pick, is better than Marshall, an undrafted free agent. So... congrats?