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Topic subjectwow, i strongly disagree.
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2783802, wow, i strongly disagree.
Posted by PROMO, Sun Feb-26-23 03:13 PM
i thought i'd be super bored with Season 5 because i actually started following the season after being turned on to the sport from the show...and since i did follow the season, i'm like "how can i be entertained, i basically know everything that happened?"

instead, i was very entertained...in light of already knowing the events/outcomes, this might have been the best the Drive To Survive team did in my opinion in making a good season, ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that all the players are in on what Netflix is trying to do and can hide, hold shit to the vest, make themselves less available, etc.

speaking of participation: did Bottas completely refuse to participate? i think he was in one shot in episode 1 for like 2 seconds, and after that he literally wasn't even mentioned. like, they didn't even get some race audio in there of like "Bottas is passed by Yuki" or some shit. or, is he just THAT boring?