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Topic subjectOnly Schumi left to go.
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2706454, Only Schumi left to go.
Posted by Buck, Mon Nov-04-19 11:26 AM
It really does seem like just recently Lewis was a young guy driving for McLaren. I guess I'm getting old.

I reckon he'll get the 7th next year. After the regs change in '21, who knows, but it's hard to see where Merc would slip up in '20.

Haven't seen anything about what the hell happened to Seb's suspension. That was weird.

I do like what they're doing for 2021, but then again, yesterday made a good case for convergence. The top of the midfield is getting so tight, between McLaren and Renault, and just behind to Toro Rosso and Racing Point, that next year should be be very close racing up and down the field.

What's left? Brazil and Abu Dhabi? Already? Where has the time gone?