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Topic subjectProbably best result for both Ferrari and Mercedes
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2702766, Probably best result for both Ferrari and Mercedes
Posted by spenzalii, Sun Sep-08-19 04:19 PM
Mercedes got the best damage control possible at the two tracks Ferrari were expected to win at. LeClerc notches 2 wins and they finally get a win in front of the tifosi at Monza. On both tracks Mercedes weren't as far behind Ferrari as you would think, which makes me wonder whether what the chances of notching another win on some of the upcoming tracks look like for the Prancing Horse, as they were losing time to the Silver Arrows in the turns at Spa and Monza.

Hamilton was in the hunt both races and may have been able to pull off Spa if a few small things broke his way (better pit stop, no safety car, another lap). He was right there again today for most of the race and had a few chances, but couldn't quite pull it off. Bottas had one shot, but outbraked himself in the chicane. Whether he would have actually pulled it off I'm not entirely sure. Still, Hamilton only lost 2 points in the drivers championship, and Mercedes is up 150+ in the Constructors, so not the worst 2 weeks for Petronas.

Renault taking 4th and 5th was a surprise. Whether this is a sign they figured something out or if this was a fluke is beyond me.