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Topic subjectTwo-wheeled testing going on too!
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2688954, Two-wheeled testing going on too!
Posted by upUPNorth, Mon Feb-25-19 02:13 PM
Fairly interesting results, though I don't know as much about 'how' they test relative to F1 and how big those gaps are, it's cool to see Suzuki at the top trailed by two Yamaha's including a strong rookie performance from Quartararo (Vinales always tests well, he needs to bring that into the season).
Marquez did a lot of laps for someone coming off an off-season injury/shoulder surgery, Honda's all star lineup are both in questionable physical form but they both know how to ride through those things. The KTM being the slowest but only six tenths off the fastest lap is exactly what makes Moto GP exciting these days and hopefully makes for a good season to watch.

Superbike has already started and Bautista stormed their first race weekend after not getting a ride in Moto GP again, record setting win of all three races and might just outclass the field if no one has a response.