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Topic subjectMotorsport 2019 - Green, green, green, go, Go, GO!
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2688365, Motorsport 2019 - Green, green, green, go, Go, GO!
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Feb-20-19 09:37 AM
NASCAR started off their season with more than half the field wrecked. Congrats to Denny Hamlin for winning the war of attrition. Formula 1 testing has begin, with the season starting in about 3 weeks. Ferrari has come out the gates hot with Vettel and Leclerc topping the time sheets the past 2 days. Mercedes seems not interested in speed as both Bottas and Hamilton have been mid pack at best to just above the bottom at worst.I anticipate the wick being turned up quite a bit next week. Big questions for me this year:

- Will Honda and Red Bull be able to legitimately challenge for the title with Ferrari and Mercedes, or does this year become a 2 horse race?
- Can Ricciardo pull off the same winning streak as Hamilton did by jumping to Renault? If not, can he at least beat his former team and their golden boy Mad Max?
- Can Sainz help McLaren get off their F2 pace and bring the storied franchise back to respectability?
- Does Haas jump to 4th, making them Best Of The Rest, which would be a win by itself?
- How will Kvyat and Kubica do in their return to the sport?

and most importantly

- What the hell is going on at Williams?