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Topic subjecthmm sorta disagree
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2687423, hmm sorta disagree
Posted by benny, Mon Feb-11-19 12:02 PM
>They never look like they are enjoying each other's success.
>And Mbappe always looks subdued (not unflappable, which he is
>by default, but subdued as if he doesn't want to do too much).
Mbappe and Neymar have been playing really well off each other with Neymar in his #10 role. If anything it's Cavani who was the odd one out. Since it's been proven that Kylian can't quite cut it as a #9 (for now), the idea was for him to bounce off Cavani, but it's not been going that well, at least by the high standards we have of him

>I don't think we will see the best of him until he is playing
>elsewhere. But with both of them out, he could provide a
At this point there's pretty much no choice. I just hope Tuchel finds a better way to utilize Choupo-Moting, who's close to a lost cause but he's all we have so...

>Di Maria is healthy, right?
Yup, and he tends to surge this time of year. Draxler has been good too. The issues are in front of the defense, where Verratti doesn't look completely fit after coming back from an injury. And the less said about Dani Alves the better