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Topic subjectWeekend Soccer 02.09-10: Gonzalo vera
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2687191, Weekend Soccer 02.09-10: Gonzalo vera
Posted by benny, Fri Feb-08-19 12:41 PM
All eyes will be on the Etihad Sunday to see if Chelsea can reiterate their exploits from December, when they were the first team to beat City in the league (leading a to a very shaky few weeks for the title-holders). But with Aguero around this time the result could be very different. Chelsea do have a sharp-looking Higuain to help out Hazard, but if Fernandinho bosses the midfield that may not be enough.
Meanwhile Liverpool host Bournemouth and can ill advise another draw, no matter what happens on Sunday.

The Madrid derby is tomorrow morning, with Atleti struggling to get goals they'll likely resort to their traditional dark arts.

09.02.19 08:30 Fulham - Manchester United
09.02.19 11:00 Crystal Palace - West Ham
09.02.19 11:00 Huddersfield - Arsenal
09.02.19 11:00 Liverpool - Bournemouth
09.02.19 11:00 Southampton - Cardiff
09.02.19 11:00 Watford - Everton
09.02.19 13:30 Brighton - Burnley
10.02.19 09:30 Tottenham - Leicester
10.02.19 12:00 Manchester City - Chelsea
11.02.19 16:00 Wolves - Newcastle