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Topic subjectafter having 36 hours to stew over this...
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2677075, after having 36 hours to stew over this...
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Oct-29-18 08:46 AM
goodbye, Barry Odom. Time to go! (c)M.O.P. Saturday's game simply should not have gone down like it did.

We did not get a 1st down in the 2nd half. EIGHT possessions without a 1st down.
We held Kentucky to 3 points well through the 4th quarter, when...we give a punt return for a TD, that puts them back in the game.
Still...we got the lead, they need another TD to win and the clock is on our side, right? Nope. 3 and out after 3 and out. With 1:41 left, 4th and 2, with Crockett and Roundtree at your disposal, when a 1st down would force UK to use their last timeout...we THROW it...THROW it. Incomplete. Every.single.Mizzou.fan knew once we punted to them, we were going to lose. There was no doubt about it
The defense that held KU to 3 points for most of the game was swapped for some kind of Madden 94 prevent that featured 9 and 10 man boxes with the safety/safeties mad deep...to keep everything in front...smh...so, they simply chunked their way down the field.
Was the P.I. on Acy kinda trash? Yeah. The WR was doing pushups on his helmet, lol. Doesn't matter. Should have never come to that.

* Inherited a very respectable program that GP built and immediately made it worse. You fucked up the defense as soon as you took over.
* Can't recruit for shit
* Have never beaten a ranked opponent
* Are 0-9 vs. Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky
* Hired Dooley as OC...enough said (the more Drew Lock plays in his offense, the more money he loses)
* Made Andy Hill the Special Teams coordinator, exclusively. The Andy Hill who didn't think to tell the punter "hey, man...maybe kick it shorter to give us a chance to make a play once it's caught, rather than out-kick our coverage and give up a huge return"
Goodbye, Barry. Don't even care what happens the rest of the season. @ Florida, vs. Vandy, @ Tennessee, vs. Arkansas. I don't know that can we win 2 of those...and even if we did...we'd lose the shitty bowl game.