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Topic subjectCFB Saturday: 10.27
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2676943, CFB Saturday: 10.27
Posted by will_5198, Sat Oct-27-18 02:37 PM
- Clemson named their score against the program previously known as FSU. Florida State has -19 rushing yards. Clemson let Christian Wilkins (DT) and a TE who has caught three career passes each run in touchdowns for fun.

- Purdue back doing dumb stuff (blocked field goal past LOS, Purdue lineman runs after it and downs it on his own one-yard line...WTF) and losing to Michigan State's back-up QB.

- Wisconsin had to start their back-up QB against Northwestern and it didn't go so well. Badgers went from top ten to unmentioned.

- Arkansas is the worst team in the SEC and one of the worst in P5

- Bobby Petrino is winless in the ACC without Lamar Jackson