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Topic subjectCFB Saturday: 10.27
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2676943, CFB Saturday: 10.27
Posted by will_5198, Sat Oct-27-18 02:37 PM
- Clemson named their score against the program previously known as FSU. Florida State has -19 rushing yards. Clemson let Christian Wilkins (DT) and a TE who has caught three career passes each run in touchdowns for fun.

- Purdue back doing dumb stuff (blocked field goal past LOS, Purdue lineman runs after it and downs it on his own one-yard line...WTF) and losing to Michigan State's back-up QB.

- Wisconsin had to start their back-up QB against Northwestern and it didn't go so well. Badgers went from top ten to unmentioned.

- Arkansas is the worst team in the SEC and one of the worst in P5

- Bobby Petrino is winless in the ACC without Lamar Jackson
2676944, ha
Posted by will_5198, Sat Oct-27-18 02:45 PM
>- Bobby Petrino is winless in the ACC without Lamar Jackson


In 2015, Louisville pulled Matt Colburn's scholarship offer 48 hours before National Signing Day.

Today, the Wake Forest RB got his revenge: 20 carries, 243 yards, 3 TD
2676964, my favorite human interest story of the year
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sat Oct-27-18 11:28 PM
what a baller. id retire lol
2676946, I can’t wait til Feleipe franks either leaves or is replaced.
Posted by dillinjah, Sat Oct-27-18 04:09 PM
So tired of inept qb play.
2676996, Mullen is working magic just to make him bad
Posted by will_5198, Sun Oct-28-18 12:49 PM
2676947, What is this trash Lovie Smith has on the field??
Posted by Beezo, Sat Oct-27-18 05:11 PM
2676949, he look a helluva lot better than lewerke
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sat Oct-27-18 06:25 PM

>- Purdue losing to Michigan State's back-up QB.
2676994, I was gonna say
Posted by will_5198, Sun Oct-28-18 12:49 PM
low bar but agreed
2676957, The Cuse!!! 6-2! 2 plays away from being 8-0!
Posted by DJR, Sat Oct-27-18 09:58 PM
2677005, so who is SC's next coach?
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Oct-28-18 01:28 PM
are they willing to buy Helton out and replace him with some other mediocre bum?

Brohm is headed to Louisville and Matt Campbell is a midwest guy and doesn't seem like a cultural fit.

Not sure who else is out there.
2677033, Pac-12 is atrocious this season
Posted by will_5198, Sun Oct-28-18 04:32 PM
it's a race to the bottom
2677050, So is the ACC outside of Clemson
Posted by DeepAztheRoot, Sun Oct-28-18 08:01 PM
just doesn't get talked about as much
2677059, having an elite team affects perception
Posted by 3xKrazy, Sun Oct-28-18 10:19 PM
the pac 12 is rudderless
2677064, I'm rooting for the Pirate to make the playoff
Posted by DeepAztheRoot, Mon Oct-29-18 12:24 AM
Have some fun with it, extra saucy for Tennessee and Ole Miss fans as they could have had him as coach as the CFB Matrix Bartoo pointed out.

Yes I know he showed up to an interview in shorts.

2677069, theyre not putting a pac team in the playoff
Posted by 3xKrazy, Mon Oct-29-18 07:36 AM
and there are plenty of opportunities for wazzou to drop another one down the stretch
2677116, Unlikely sure
Posted by DeepAztheRoot, Mon Oct-29-18 11:43 AM
but not completely unattainable

2677146, wazzou or the pac in general?
Posted by 3xKrazy, Mon Oct-29-18 02:00 PM
id give wazzou a roughly .00000001% chance of making the playoffs
2677232, Aren't they one and the same?
Posted by DeepAztheRoot, Tue Oct-30-18 01:07 AM
WSU is the only one-loss team left and has already beaten the next best in Utah. I agree that the odds are remote.
2677075, after having 36 hours to stew over this...
Posted by Dstl1, Mon Oct-29-18 08:46 AM
goodbye, Barry Odom. Time to go! (c)M.O.P. Saturday's game simply should not have gone down like it did.

We did not get a 1st down in the 2nd half. EIGHT possessions without a 1st down.
We held Kentucky to 3 points well through the 4th quarter, when...we give a punt return for a TD, that puts them back in the game.
Still...we got the lead, they need another TD to win and the clock is on our side, right? Nope. 3 and out after 3 and out. With 1:41 left, 4th and 2, with Crockett and Roundtree at your disposal, when a 1st down would force UK to use their last timeout...we THROW it...THROW it. Incomplete. Every.single.Mizzou.fan knew once we punted to them, we were going to lose. There was no doubt about it
The defense that held KU to 3 points for most of the game was swapped for some kind of Madden 94 prevent that featured 9 and 10 man boxes with the safety/safeties mad deep...to keep everything in front...smh...so, they simply chunked their way down the field.
Was the P.I. on Acy kinda trash? Yeah. The WR was doing pushups on his helmet, lol. Doesn't matter. Should have never come to that.

* Inherited a very respectable program that GP built and immediately made it worse. You fucked up the defense as soon as you took over.
* Can't recruit for shit
* Have never beaten a ranked opponent
* Are 0-9 vs. Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky
* Hired Dooley as OC...enough said (the more Drew Lock plays in his offense, the more money he loses)
* Made Andy Hill the Special Teams coordinator, exclusively. The Andy Hill who didn't think to tell the punter "hey, man...maybe kick it shorter to give us a chance to make a play once it's caught, rather than out-kick our coverage and give up a huge return"
Goodbye, Barry. Don't even care what happens the rest of the season. @ Florida, vs. Vandy, @ Tennessee, vs. Arkansas. I don't know that can we win 2 of those...and even if we did...we'd lose the shitty bowl game.
2677200, very sad
Posted by will_5198, Mon Oct-29-18 08:36 PM
>* Hired Dooley as OC...enough said (the more Drew Lock plays
>in his offense, the more money he loses)

not sadder than making him your HC, but still depressing